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Fuelled by artistic expression and limited only by their runtime, short films transcend traditional storytelling. They are a significant and popular way artists can connect with audiences. From documentary to animation, narrative to experimental, the abbreviated form is no longer just for the novice. Shorts have and will continue to be at important part of cinema, storytelling and culture. NewBorn Short Film Agency will always be proud to treat short films with the highest regard and to give a home to new projects for audiences to discover and celebrate.

NewBorn Short Film Agency was founded in 2014 by Dimitris Argyriou, a Berlin-based film director, producer and curator in film festivals. He has directed or/and produced more than 100 short films, fictions, documentaries and experimental, with more than 5000 film festival selections, including the big ones under his belt. Dimitris decided to start NewBorn Short Film Agency to help other filmmakers to raise their film voice!

NewBorn Short Film Agency has developed a festival strategy system which lets filmmakers to concentrate on their work instead of wasting time with festival submissions.
  • Provide a year-round professional strategy plan with festivals did your movie Should Be Submitted.
  • Managing all your submissions from filling out entry forms, running through entry regulations and Submitting your movie to the festival.
  • All paperwork and delivery to the festival handed after getting accepted.
  • All you need to do is to go to the festival screening your movie!
  • Choose Your Tailor Made Festival Package Now
Short Films

New Born Short Film Agency Represents the Following Short Films

"Inadequate" by Elya Randrianaivo, US, 2024, Fiction

"TAXI" by Constantinos Nikiforou, Cyprus, 2024, Fiction

"Prison is Cool" by Elya Randrianaivo, US, 2024, Documentary

"Wednesday" by Botond Aszalós, Hungary, 2024, Fiction

"Tuvāk/Closer" by Santiago Rivero, Latvia, 2023, Fiction

"Insanely Perfect/Dokonalost Sama" by Lukas Vizner & Miriam Fulmekova, Slovakia, 2023, Fiction

"-15" by Rinaldas Tomasevicius, Lithuania, 2023, Fiction

"The Doll" by Guido Segal, Argentina, 2023, Fiction

"Charming Habits" by Paulius Anicas, Lithuania, 2023, Fiction

"Little Doggie" by Giorgos Ntounis, Greece, 2023, Fiction

"Shadow" by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Greece, 2023, Fiction

"Electric Shoes" by Dimitris Argyriou, Germany, 2022, Music Video

"Trilogia Muda" by Daniel Rodriguez Risko, Peru, 2022, Fiction

"Toxic Magnus" by Nasos Gatzoulis, Denmark, 2022, Documentary

"Pebble" by Karina Logothetis, US, 2022, Fiction

"Goddess, Garbage & Gewalt" by Alkistis Kafetsi & Aristotelis Chaitidis, Germany, 2022, Experimental

"Nexting" by Karina Logothetis, US, 2021, Fiction

"Dreyfus Drei" by Ella Dreyfus, Australia, 2021, Documentary

"Bolzmann" by Janis Westphal, Germany, 2021, Fiction

"Cuellos Almidonados" by Daniel Rodriguez Risko, Peru, 2021, Fiction

"Bagatele" by Laszlo Csaki, Hungary, 2021, Animation

"Ein Leben Dschingis Khans" by Benjamin Tholen, Germany, 2021, Fiction

"Meteor - Architects" by Jeb Hardwick, UK|Hungary, 2021, Animated Music Video

"I Can't Smell The Soil In My Head" by Alkistis Kafetsi, Germany|Russia, 2021, Experimental

"Sing with me" by AVA Irandoost, US, 2021, Drama

"Aquaria" by Julia Obst, Germany, 2021, Experimental

"Dados" by Carlos Coelho Costa, Portugal, 2021, Drama

"Il Rimedio" by Nick Rooney, 2021, Italy|UK, Drama

"Code 6" by Katerina Tzova, Greece, 2021, Documentary

"Totem" by Katrine Glenhammer, Denmark, 2021, Animation

"Hidden Word" by Daniel T. Halsall, Poland, 2020, Experimental

   "The Kestrels" by Szonja Szabó, Hungary, 2020, Drama

"El cuento de Lucía", Mariana Cobra, Uruguay | Brazil, 2020, Experimental

"AYGOL" by Dimitris Argyriou, Russian Federation | Germany, 2020, Drama

"Keygrip" by Nasos Gatzoulis, Greece, 2019, Experimental

"Timeless" by Anji Taratuta, Russian Federation, 2019, Dance Film

"Trust Me" by Sam Cutler - Kreutz, USA, 2019, Drama

"Indance" by Anji Taratuta, Russian Federation, 2018, Documentary

"JOC" by Andreea Valean, Romania, 2018, Drama

"4th Wall" by Dimitris Gkotsis, Greece, 2018, Documentary

"Maren" by Ludo Vici, Germany, 2018, Thriller/Horror

"The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man" by Antonin Blanc, France, 2018, Experimental

"Bee My Eyes" by Kostas Lenis, Greece, 2018, Drama

"Room" by Konstantinos Katsiaboulas, Greece, 2018, Drama

"Sound of Vladivostok" by Marios Ioannou Elia, Russian Federation|Cyprus, 2018, Experimental

"A Danjerous Journey" by Yinfang Jocelyn Ping, China, 2018, Drama

"The Passport" by Oliver Dressen, China, 2018, Thriller

"The Only Faithful" by Stephen Kakavoulis, Greece, 2018, LGBTQ

"Tales of India" by Carlos Coelho Costa, Portugal/India, 2018, Documentary

"5 Minutes Silence" by Dimitris Argyriou, Greece, 2018, Documentary

"D'alma" by Carlos Coelho Costa, Portugal, 2018, Music Video

"Paulina, The Old Man and the Turtle" by Martin Oliveros Heinze, Costa Rica/Germany, 2018, Drama

"Impulse" by Dimitris Argyriou, China/Germany, 2018, Art Film/Experimental

"Alan" by Ursula Romero, Spain, 2018, Drama

"Visit" by Yiannis Zafiris, Greece, 2017, Drama

"Cry" by Nikos Mathios, Greece, 2017

"Neda" by Afagh Irandoost, Germany, 2017

"Killer Smile" by Ma Camille, China, 2017

"Hominid" by Alexandros Salimis, Greece, 2017

"A Little Help" by Daniel Halsall, Netherlands, 2017

"Blaha" by Antonin Blanc, Hungary/France, 2017

"Felicita" by Yannis Zafiris, Greece, 2016

"Musles" by Konstantinos Xenakis, Greece, 2016

"Peony Pavillion" by Sido Yao Lu, China/U.S.A., 2016

"...and around...and around..." by Carlos Coelho Costa, Portugal, 2016

"The Spectator" by Thodoris Vournas, Greece, 2016

"Our Diesza" by Narcy Calamatta, Malta, 2016

"Valetta x5" by Narcy Calamatta, Malta, 2016

"No Goodbye" by Ludo Vici, Germany, 2016

"Monica" by Dimitris Argyriou, Bosnia/Germany, 2016

 "Bus 43" by Alexis Lazaridis, Greece, 2016

"Test" by Teresa Czepiec, Poland, 2015

"Without Milk" by Thodoris Vournas, Greece, 2015

"Spectrum", Dimitris Gkotsis, Greece, 2014

"Ellipse" by Thanasis Troumpoukis, Greece, 2015

"Temporary Discomfort" by Simon Benro, Germany, 2014

"Dis" by Sverre Aune, Denmark, 2014

"Happarel - VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM" by Robin Lochmann, Germany, 2014

"I Will" by Eleni Tomadaki, Greece 2014

"Birthday Surprise" by Konstantinos Mousoulis, USA 2014

"The Collector" by Dimitris Argyriou, Poland 2014

"First Contact" by Dimitris Argyriou, Lithuania 2014

"The Defaulting Banker" by Dennis Raetzel & Marius Muche, Germany 2014

"Vigilantes" by Thodoris Vournas, Greece, 2013

"Light Warriors" by Dennis Raetzel, Germany 2013

"The Dinner" by Dimitris Argyriou, Greece, 2013

"One Line" by Dimitris Argyriou, Germany, 2012

"Alter" by Petros Antoniadis, Greece 2011

"REC." by Dimitris Argyriou, Greece, 2011

"The Pond" by Dimitris Argyriou, Netherlands, 2010

Feature Films

New Born Short Film Agency Represents the Following Feature Films

"Memories of Occupation & Dialogue for the Future" by Dimitris Argyriou, Germany/Greece, 2024, Documentary

"A Red Shirt" by Siddharth Tripathy, India, 2024, Fiction

"All That Devouring Beauty" by Panagiotis Kountouras, Greece, 2023, Documentary

"The First Two" by Balázs Szövényi-Lux, Hungary, 2023, Fiction

  "Lights Out, Berlin!" by Dimitris Argyriou, Germany, 2023, Documentary

"Eine Hand die Andere" by Janis Westphal & Lenna-Sophie Fichter, Germany, 2023, Documentary

"Score Until The Last Day" by Aris Tsiaras, Greece, 2021, Documentary

"The Game" by Thodoris Vournas, Greece, 2021, Documentary (World Sales)

"Corfu, The Island of Pancakes" by Spyros Badios & Spyros Paipetis , Greece, 2021, Documentary

"Dissolved" by Thodoris Vournas, Greece, 2021, Drama

"Zorbas in Verona" by Dimitris Argyriou & Asteris Kutulas, Germany, 2020, Documentary

"The Weeping House of Qala" by Mark Doneo, Malta, 2019, Thriller/Horror

"La Compagne Des Morts" by George Louridas, France, 2018, Experimental

"Dance Fight Love Die - with Mikis on the road", Germany/Greece 2018, Documentary

"Neukolln Wind" by Arsenny Rapoport, Germany, 2016, Drama

"A Parede/The Wall" by Carlos Coelho Costa, Portugal, 2016, Drama

"Undune" by Dennis Raetzel, Germany, 2015, Documentary


The Festival

NewBorn Short Film Festival powered by NewBorn Short Film Agency showcases outstanding short films from around the globe.

The 9th edition of NewBorn Short Film Festival will take place on 29 and 30 November 2023. Festival Dates: 29-30 November 2023 Location: Brauhaus Neulich, Selchower Str. 20, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Informations about the submissions, rules, terms and awards:



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